Reliving Memories Multi-Genre Project

Reliving Memories

By Elijah Frost


English 4

Table of Contents

Introduction­­­_________________________________________________________ Pg. 3

Author’s Note­­­­­________________________________________________________ Pg. 4

A Day on the Water­­­­___________________________________________________ Pg. 6

America’s Birthday___________________________________________________ Pg. 8

Lincoln Lutheran takes 5th place at State Championship_______________________ Pg. 9

Reliving Memories

             My multi genre piece focuses on the topic of reliving special memories. Through all the brainstorming about our neighborhoods I really wanted to write about some of my most special memories in recent history. I feel lie reliving memories helps keep them in a special place in your heart. It helps remind you of what you have done in life and they always enlighten us. Memories were made to be relived in some way. I also wrote this because I personally like to tell my memories because I think what I have done in my life is interesting and it really shapes who I am as a person. I also knew that I could create a good project if I cared about what I was writing.

I’ve written three pieces for this multi genre project. A structured poem, an unstructured poem, and a news article. I wanted to use a few of the most creative ways to write to relive my memories. The main reason for that is so the reader can live the memories in the best way possible. Through good description and imagery, the reader can feel as if they are living in the memory. I also did the news article so I could describe the event simply, and also show others opinion of the memory, not just mine.

My first piece is a structure poem. I wanted to use this type of writing because it is very organized and is creative in a different way when compared to other types of writing. I chose a haiku because I think they are fun to write. And they are also short, sweet, and to the point. This piece is called America’s Birthday because the 4th of July is one of the most fun times I’ve had in my life. We do fireworks and play yard games and the fun we have creates good memories that are worth retelling. I also chose to write an unstructured poem because of a poem’s creative attributes. I knew that using a poem to retell a memory of fishing with friends would capture the imagery the best. It is called a day on the water because it is retelling a day out on the water fishing with my friends Noah and chase. I thought that being able to write without the limitations of structure would help me be able to add as much imagery as I could. And make sure that the poem really told the story.

The last piece that I decided to write for this project was my news article. And obviously from reading I put the most time and effort into this piece. The first reason was because it was probably one of the most fun things I have ever written. Also because I really care about the golf team at Lincoln Lutheran, and I really care about how we grew last year and I believe that my teammates deserve to have our story be told. Because most people really don’t know anything about the golf team other than we went to state. This article really was a behind the scenes type article. I think that this piece shows my strengths as a writer more than any other piece I have ever written.


Author’s Note

Dear reader,

This multi-genre piece was written to retell some of my fondest memories. What I want these pieces to accomplish is to thoroughly share some memories of mine. Also to allow the reader to feel as if they are living along with me. What my pieces are about are memories I wanted to share with the reader. Important events in my life, and things I like to do. I ask that you as the reader give me feedback on the good parts and the bad parts. One weakness I showed in these pieces is good word choice. I feel I could have improved my word choice much more. I definitely could have used better adjectives to help the reader feel as if they were living the memory with me. I also as what are the strengths within my pieces. What stood out in them that was notably good. Some strengths I believe are in these pieces are good organization and structure. Good conventions, and great use of imagery. Especially throughout my poems.


Elijah Frost


A Day on the Water

I stepped outside

And felt the crisp air

Around me.

I sense the calmness of

The water within me.

The breeze felt cool

And wished around me

As I readied myself

For a good day of fishing


Chase, Noah, and I

Prepared our rods,

And cast out our lines

Into the crystal clear Nebraska water.

And in a matter of seconds I hooked

Onto a healthy largemouth bass.

As it jumped, and fought, the water

Glistened in the air.

The reflection, was blinding to my eyes.


I pulled the fish to the bank,

Its’ scales shined in

The morning sun.

I released it back to its home.

And watched it swim gracefully away.


America’s Birthday


A celebration in fire.

For the U.S.A.


Lincoln Lutheran takes 5th at State Championship, and looking to improve on next year

By Elijah Frost


I met up with the players of the

Lincoln Lutheran Boys Golf Team after their state championship run, also after the summer season was over. I hoped to find out how the team felt about their performance. I also wanted to hear how they improved over the summer in preparations for next season. Each thing I sought after became clear after interviewing with the 5 players. Grant Johnson, Elijah Frost, Luke Bartels, Noah Frost, and Dylan Lilienthal.

The five juniors from the capital city high school made the three hour journey to play the infamous Kearney Country Club. A course plagued with slick greens, and grueling hills on every hole. “The course was playing really good, we just didn’t play our best this week” said the team’s captain Grant Johnson. He finished in 6th place and scored the 1st place score on the team. “I felt like we all came in to this tournament ready” said another member of the team Dylan Lilienthal. “But we just didn’t perform how we wanted to. This course isn’t like many of the courses we play during the regular season.” Dylan finished in a tie for 43rd and finished as the 4th place score on the team.

This course was an extreme change for the Warriors as many they play are nine hole courses, with minimal hills and trouble, and very slow greens. “This course was kind of like what we played in our tournament at Firethorn earlier this year. Though we didn’t win this one. I hope we can get another shot at the title” said 3 year varsity player Luke Bartels. He finished the week as the 3rd place score on the team and in a tie for 33rd.

The greens at Kearney Country Club were prepared for a State Championship, they were going to be fast, and extremely tricky. This would be a big change for them. A change they never became too comfortable with.

To get another opinion we met up with a player of the Warriors rival school. Dana Van Ostrand of the Lincoln Christian Crusaders. “This course really isn’t too long, and honestly doesn’t seem too difficult. But because of all the hazards and the massive hills, this course is a good challenge. I also thought the greens were pretty tough. They were very fast and tough to read. It’s what I expected from a State Championship course.

We met up with another member of the team. Elijah Frost, who finished in a tie for 22nd and finished as the 2nd place score within the team. “I didn’t ever really get used to the course” he said. “I didn’t have a good first day, or a good front nine on the second day. But it all seemed to click on my back nine parring 7 of 9 holes. I think big numbers killed everyone on this team.” I personally thought this was a correct statement by Elijah as everyone on Lutheran’s team shot some of their higher rounds of the season at this tournament.

Noah had a lot to say, and was surprisingly optimistic. “I didn’t really like the layout of the course, but I felt like it was worthy of the tournament we played in. I’m just so amazed by our season and how we actually made it to state. Through our hard work we completely changed this program. I can’t wait to see how next year turns out.”

The Warriors really did have an amazing season, as they won every invitational they played in until the post season. We asked one last question before we left. We asked the captain, what do you think your season will look like next year? “I know we will all be playing some tournaments this summer, and will be practicing. We are all aiming to improve, maybe set some records, try and take a state championship, and become the best golf team this school has ever seen.” And as he finished the sentence, the entire team joined together, said a prayer of thanks, and got onto their van to Lincoln.

We met back up with the Warriors during the last week of their summer run, as they all played in various NJGT (Nebraska Junior Golfers Tour), NGA (Nebraska Golf Association), and JPGA (Junior PGA) events. Grant Johnson and Elijah Frost both finished in the top 24 of the 16+ division of the NJGT, and both made the tour championship at Quarry Oaks in Ashland. And between Luke, Grant, Noah, and Elijah they had many top three finishes. Including multiple wins by Grant, and Elijah.

“We had an awesome summer tournament schedule. We all had tons of chances to compete together, and see each other grow over the offseason.” Said Noah when we asked him how the summer went. “I was amazed on how much we improved our team scores. We have chances of breaking 300 next season.” Dylan Lilienthal was almost certain that the team of all soon to be seniors would knock the school team score record out of the water.

Luke Bartels added, “I know this team has tons of potential for next season. I feel like if we keep our heads in the right place, and play the golf we know works we will be successful. Anything can happen so we might have some fireworks next year.” You can tell there is a good chemistry within this team. They always find ways to have fun, and make sure that every moment is filled with laughs. But when they hit the course, it’s all business. This team is hoping to be a dominating force in Class C golf.

“I am super excited for next year. Ever since we had that sort of disappointing finish at state I knew it would fire us up to aim bigger. We all have goals for this next season and they are even shining through this summer. We are doing things in the offseason that I don’t think anyone would have expected. I know that if we stick together and work hard we can be as successful as we want.” Elijah Frost, one of the ‘Fab five’ you could say, showed his enthusiasm through his answer. All of these guys have a love for the game, and all want to do the best for their team, school, and also their most important attribute to their success, their God.

“We make sure to pray before every tournament.” Said team captain Grant Johnson. “We all know that at the end of the day, golf isn’t really that important. Showing God’s love through how we act and play is what is important to us, and I speak for all of us when I say that.” I also asked them all one thing they wanted to add as a finishing statement before we will see them in the spring for the season. And it seemed like they all knew exactly what they wanted to say. They looked at each other, than at me and said in unison, “State Championship, here we come!”



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