La Paz Mexican Restaurant: A Lincoln Staple


As I drove south on Cotner Boulevard near 32nd street, I drew near to my destination. The building, tattered and looking a bit run down, was La Paz Mexican Restaurant. To give it my honest opinion, while driving by you can definitely mistake this place for your average dive. It isn’t all too impressive. But when you hear what Lincoln has to say about this place, and when you taste the food, your opinion will definitely change. And I know mine did too.

I had never been to this amazing restaurant until that night I walked into the doors, into a front room surprisingly small. The warm energy of this place excited me. I was immediately greeted by an employee and a smile, and was invited to take a seat in the dining room. The service was exceptional, and I could tell the other guests agreed. The waiter proceeded to bring me to a table surrounded by themed decorations. The ambience of this place really made it special for the experience. I felt as if I was wisped away from a Midwest urban setting, to a home deep within the Mexican culture.

Before arriving at this place, I decided to look online to find some information about this restaurant. I found myself reading a “about us” page on La Paz’s website. According to them, all their food is made from scratch, and their goal is to deliver the finest Mexican food for Lincoln, NE. They also strive to provide the guests with a family-feeling experience. After experiencing this place, I agree 10 out of 10!

I was greeted with a basket of fresh chips and salsa. And the taste was like nothing I have ever experienced. What I found interesting was that the chips and salsa were free of charge. You can tell from the way this restaurant treats their guests that they cherish providing Lincoln with an experience that is worth coming back for. Because of this, it leads me to believe that these little things, change the community in many ways. These little nice gestures create a shared feeling of happiness and joy within the community.

I also found that the people eating within this establishment were seemingly affected by the spirit of this place. It feels as if the excellent service, the cultural diversity of this restaurant, and the amazing food bring happiness to the guests, and the community. The people around me had no problem suggesting to me what I should order off the menu. I think they may have overheard me saying I don’t know what to get. But almost immediately they recommended getting one of La Paz’s staples, the cream cheese chicken

First off, I would like to say that this is most definitely the best Mexican-style dish I have ever had the privilege to eat. But also I was surprised at how willingly people around me were to suggest a meal choice. At most restaurants, you wouldn’t experience it. Because of that I was convinced that La Paz Mexican Restaurant has a big effect on the community of Lincoln. But there are more reasons that help provide a look into how much this wonderful place does for the great community of Lincoln.

The diversity this restaurant offers Lincoln is something that isn’t very important to most people. But I believe that in the changing times, cultural diversity is very important. And for Lincoln, La Paz provides help for people to become more culturally diverse. Lincoln is a city that is full of cultural diversity including  immigrants, refugees, and people from all corners of the world. But I believe that in most cases, “Lincolnites” don’t appreciate what this has to offer. La Paz offers us an opportunity to not only experience some diversity, but to dive deep into it. Through my experience at La Paz it feels as if I can appreciate what the Mexican culture is all about. And the community of Lincoln can also appreciate it.

According to La Paz’s website, they have been “family owned for 26 years a counting,” and have been named “best Mexican restaurant in Lincoln for 15 years and counting.” Lincoln is proud of family-owned businesses. The community of Lincoln cherishes the average Joe, and supports local businesses along with the big franchises and corporations. I believe that without La Paz, Lincoln would lose its unique characteristics. It needs those individual places that provide amazing experiences for its guests so that Lincoln is special for everyone within it.

The owners Rick and Julie Holm pride themselves on their “made from scratch recipes.” And their homemade recipes give that feeling of a meal at grandma’s house every time you take a bite. The taste sensation that each dish I partook there gave me comfort and joy. It felt like a warm hug each time the food touched my taste buds. Not many restaurants in Lincoln provide homemade, from scratch food anymore. This place not only provides a different cultural atmosphere and a family-owned feel. But it also provides each and every guest with a meal that was made with care and special consideration for perfection.

After visiting La Paz Mexican Restaurant I am shocked at howmuch of an affect this had on my views of the community of Lincoln. I feel that through the atmosphere of this place and the cultural diversity it adds to the life of each guest that walks in, a visit to La Paz will change your view of the community of Lincoln and help you realize what an affect this place has on the community. Also the food at this place, the family-owned qualities add to the uniqueness of the community of Lincoln. All of these characteristics of La Paz Mexican Restaurant affect the community of Lincoln, and the people that reside within it. And I feel that without La Paz, the community would be so much different. I can assure you that I will return to La Paz with the hopes to experience this again.
Elijah Frost


Picture source: La Paz 









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