Self Analysis: Reading

Although writing has been a very important part of English 4, reading has been a big part of the year. And I have grown a lot in my reading skills, but my skills in analyzing a reading and writing about it. Both good reading skills, and the skill to analyze a text are extremely important in college. And I know that through English 4 I have grown in a way that will prepare me for college and help me be successful in college when I have to read and reflect on it.

Mrs. Jank threw me a curve ball when she expected us to write about a reading and consider modern issues. It was just nothing I had ever considered writing about when writing about a reading. Honestly, when I think about writing about a reading I just think of a basic book review. But Mrs. Jank wanted to challenge us this year, and I believe that my piece on censorship within Fahrenheit 451 stood up to the challenge she faced us with. I reflected on the writing by Ray Bradbury and found a central theme within the writing. But it didn’t stop there. Through the paper, I worked to connect it to our lives and the problems we face today. I created a piece that reflected the connections between the dystopian society created by the author and our society today. The fact that problems within our world are censored from our eyes, and we eventually become blind to our own problems. My writing was a great example of how a reading can be applied to modern issues. The piece involved a good explanation of the writing, and an analytical explanation of how the writing connects with modern issues we face today.

One goal of English 4 was to be able to properly analyze a reading in a deeper manner. Out of any goal Mrs. Jank had set for us this year, I feel like this goal was the easiest for me personally to achieve. It seems that it is just an expectation for high school students to be able to analyze readings on more than just the base level. Getting down into the nitty gritty is standard in every English class. So when I was faced with this goal, I feel that this year I achieved it with flying colors. A piece that I constructed this year that portrays my abilities to dig into a reading and pull out a deeper meaning was my analysis of the character Horatio and his caring personality in the play Hamlet. Through analysis of quotes and scenes throughout the story, we were to review how a character in Hamlet reflects a theme within our community. This required us as the readers to get into the story, and get to know the character that we were reflecting on. Having written this paper properly, I think that my skills in analyzing a reading deeper than the base level are exemplified perfectly in my piece about Horatio from the play Hamlet.

English 4 was a lot different for all of us when compared to other English classes in high school because it involved personal reading time. Mrs. Jank used a reading challenge as a way to get us reading based on our own personal choices. Being someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy reading leisurely, this was a bit of a challenge. But having the ability to choose what I wanted to read helped me grow a taste in what I like to read. Since I was able to choose what I wanted to read, it made it a little more enjoyable for me and allowed me to get to know the reader in me. We had many pieces that involved the personal choice reading challenges, one assignment that we did that I felt connected to my personal opinions on a book that I chose to read was the Final Book Talk on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Because this was such an opinionated review on a book it helped teach me a little bit about what I enjoy in a book. Reflecting on my personal choices for reading and reflecting what I like reading helped remind me what I enjoy reading.


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