Self Analysis: Writing

My senior year has been a great year for me and my writing. I have improved so much in my writing process. I have worked to improve how I write my papers, my grammar and conventions within my papers, and I have improved on my skills in writing big papers. Before this year, I haven’t been very good at writing big papers and a lot of papers. But Mrs. Jank has assigned many papers and writing pieces this year and I feel like it has definitely prepared me for my future education.

Obviously, a piece that has helped me grow in writing in multiple genres in one compilation was my multi genre piece entitled “Relieving Memories.” This paper involved writing many different pieces, each being its own genre. I think that this being our 2nd or 3rd multi-genre project, this particular one helped solidify my skills in writing in multiple genres within one big piece. This piece challenged me in ways I didn’t believe would occur. It seemed difficult for me to come up with creative pieces, in different genres, about different things, that all encompass one topic. But I believe that after doing it, and being successful in the process I feel much more confident in writing in multiple genres and achieving the goals of each genre.

During English 4, we also worked to improve our formal writing tone to prepare ourselves for college level writing next year. Again, I definitely feel like the work Mrs. Jank had us do helped me greatly with my writing and my ability to dig into text and analyze what the text is telling us as the reader. One piece that I believe definitely portrayed my improvements in a formal writing tone and my abilities to dig into a text and analyze what the text is telling me is my analysis of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The goal of the paper was to analyze a book that we had read during the year, and write based on a prompt. Each prompt required us to do some literary analysis. This was something that I had done before, but never on a scale comparable to this. This paper required very deep thought and digging into the text that I hadn’t done with a text as extensive as The Lord of the Rings. This paper, being at the beginning of the year, helped prepare me for other pieces that we would have to write in a formal tone. And it helped grow my skills in digging out research and texts that I would need for pieces in the future.

There were many pieces that we created this year that involved a scholarly and/or reflective voice. And I have to reiterate, this year in a whole has done wonders for my writing skills especially in this area. I have never been the greatest at writing based on reflections. Especially the reflections of a text. This year we read a novel titled Fahrenheit 451. Honestly, when reading this book, I had no idea what was going on. The style of writing was difficult for me to understand and follow so when we were asked to reflect on the writing I was a little weary. But as I dove into the text, I eventually was quite proud of myself for analyzing the text and reflecting on it in a pretty well written paper. My piece on Censorship within Fahrenheit 451 was a great example of my growing skills in using a scholarly and/or reflective voice in my writing. This piece was very difficult for me to write, but it taught me a lot on how to reflect on the meaning of a text. I had to do a lot of digging in order to reflect in a proper way. And I believe that through that experience and writing that paper, I have improved my skills in using reflective voice. And I have portrayed a good example of the use of reflective voice within that paper.

As a part of High School writing, the use of multiple drafts has been a big part of creating a great paper. There have been many pieces that I have written this year where the writing process has involved the use of many drafts but an example of a piece that fits this category perfectly was my Social Action Research Paper. This paper was most likely the longest and most scholarly paper I have written to date, so when writing it, I wanted to make sure that I utilized many drafts to make the piece as good as I could make it. Through self-conferencing and peer conferencing I was able to create many drafts and properly improve the writing to a point where I knew it was good enough to turn in. This piece in particular helped me realize how important using many drafts is. Using the many drafts helped me realize my tendencies within writing so I could fix it within the entire paper. And it also gave me the opportunity to see how much of an improvement I made on my paper by looking at the original and the final. My Social Action Research Paper involved the most drafts out of any paper we wrote during the year, and I learned the most from using drafts when writing this paper.


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