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Lincoln, NE: Home for Me

Home is not just a structure. A house is a structure. When I think of home I think of things that provide me with comfort, aspects of my life that have provided me with years and years of fond memories. The only place that has ever, and I think ever will fill that quota is Lincoln. Through the many places, people, and events in Lincoln I have come to love this city and I consider this as my home.

Ever since I was young, for some reason I have always loved Lincoln. It isn’t too big to get lost within the city, and it isn’t too small that I know everyone in town. It is just the right size for me. And I want, and hope to live here in Lincoln all my life. The rush I get down my spine seeing the sea of red every Saturday in the fall, and hearing go big red echoing in my head is why I call Lincoln home. Driving up my neighborhood and opening my garage door every day is why I call Lincoln home. Smelling the fresh air after a long day of school at the only high school I could ever think of going to, Lincoln Lutheran, is why I call Lincoln home. Hearing my pastor reminisce on when I was just a little baby getting baptized at the same church I go to today is why I call Lincoln home.

Now, I know this seems a bit repetitive, but I hope you can tell where I am getting with this. What I am trying to say in my heart every little thing about Lincoln makes it home for me. The way each and every part of Lincoln is, comforts me in its’ own special way. I’m not one to be ok with change very often. For me, if I find something I am comfortable with, I stick with it. Although I don’t make much of a difference in Lincoln as of now, I know that one day I will be able to. Another part of Lincoln that I love is that it isn’t a huge metropolis, but the city is growing. I hope that this will provide opportunities for me in the future so that I can contribute to bettering this community that I have learned to love and cherish. And one day make this city home for another person who shares the same love for little old Lincoln, Nebraska.